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Angela is committed to the success of Hillsborough County. She always says this is a "We the People Campaign", that's why she's developed a platform that put's people first and focuses on the issues that desperately need to be addressed by our Commission.

Affordable Housing for Our Families

All over the district, families are struggling to make ends meet. High rents and lack of affordable housing have made it nearly impossible for working families to earn a living, pay their bills, and save for the future. Angela will make the construction of affordable family housing a priority during her time on the Commission.

Effective and Efficient Transportation

Hillsborough has some of the worst traffic congestion in the nation. We waste time every day sitting in our cars because our Commission refuses to address the problem despite years of outrage from our residents. Angela will work with our neighborhoods to develop transit solutions that efficiently get people where they need to go.

Job Creation and Economic Empowerment
Our Commission has dropped the ball and the people are paying for it. Angela knows we need to be proactive to prepare young people for successful careers. She'll also work to make investments in job training and apprenticeship programs so that our workers can adapt to a rapidly changing economy. Angela will also empower local small businesses by giving them the tools and resources to grow and create new jobs in our communities.
Justice and Fairness

Angela believes everyone should play by the same set of rules. That means we need to stop the sweetheart deals and handouts to millionaires and billionaires. It's time we start giving working people a hand up. Angela will encourage local participation in the vendor process for county projects. She'll also promote more communication between our residents, local leaders, and stakeholders in our community so that we can work together and address the concerns of each neighborhood.


Paid by Angela Birdsong, Democrat, for Hillsborough County Commission,
District 2.
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